Your guide to owning a property in France

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Cross border succession and capacity

We give advice about the cross-border issues that arise when someone owns assets in France, or has some other connection with a French jurisdiction - for example, when their spouse or civil partner comes from another country, or when their children live or work abroad.

Areas of law on which we offer specialist advice include:

  • Marriage and civil partnership - We advise on pre- and post-nuptial contracts and the effects of matrimonial property regimes across borders
  • Divorce and dissolution - We advise on the implementation of financial settlements across borders
  • Capacity - We advise on cross-border protective measures that can be taken for people who have lost capacity to manage their own affairs, including powers of attorney
  • Wills and tax planning
  • Estates and estate administration - We advise on complex cross-border estates and deal with their administration.

Our team

Our team is dual-qualified and has the expertise to advise on both English and French law. We belong to the relevant professional associations including the Barreau de Paris, Barreau de Bordeaux, Franco-British Lawyers Society, the French Chamber of Commerce and STEP UK and STEP France (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners).