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Trust and estate disputes

Our specialist French inheritance disputes team deals with the avoidance and resolution of succession disputes involving French assets and property, or a French domiciled person. Our clients include family members of deceased persons (who may have forced heirship rights) other beneficiaries under a deceased’s will, executors and trustees, solicitors and other professional advisers. We are also regularly appointed to act as an expert in French property and inheritance issues, including acting as an expert in court proceedings.

The disputes we advise on include:

  • Rights for children to share in a French property on a parent’s death
  • Negotiation of a settlement with or on behalf of the deceased’s widow(er)
  • Representing the interests of a third party non family member in the inheritance
  • French domicile and succession law
  • English and French Wills and their interpretation in light of French law
  • Will disputes where a French property is involved
  • Obtaining an English court order to permit a minor child to take up his or her inheritance in France, and / or sell a property which has been inherited

We also provide:

  • Advice and assistance in dealing with the complex private international law issues surrounding the succession to a French property Affidavits of English law for France and affidavits of French law for English probate purposes
  • Assistance with mediation and negotiated settlements
  • Assistance to French nationals in dealing with their affairs

Our team

Our team is and has the expertise to advise on both English and French law. We belong to the relevant professional associations including the Barreau de Paris, Barreau de Bordeaux, Franco-British Lawyers Society, the French Chamber of Commerce and STEP UK and STEP France (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners).